Not the most interesting topic sure but batteries are in everything we own in modern society, from self-pleasuring toys to DSLR cameras. Most of our consumer electronics now use lithium-ion batteries so to say they are important would be an understatement. I’m here to debunk a few battery myths. “You need to charge your battery […]

What do Google Wallet, Visa Paypass and a Samsung Galaxy S3 have in common? They all rely on NFC. NFC stands for Near Field Communications and it is basically sci-fi shit that has become a reality. NFC is radio communication between 2 devices or a device and a unpowered chip. The Near Field part of […]

Take a guess. Nikon D4? Nope. Canon 1DX? Try again. Phase One? Keep going. RED Epic? Still not what I’m thinking of. I don’t mean to be cheesy or go all Wizard of Oz on you but the best camera is the one that’s with you. I’m not a professional photographer but I like taking […]

Disclaimer: The following article doesn’t apply to everyone. Please refer to the checklist below to see if it applies to you. Do you live in Australia? Have you purchased an Apple computer or system with Microsoft operating system installed? If you answered yes to both questions chances are you’ve been robbed. Consumer group Choice has […]

Looking for a new phone? Can’t decide between an iPhone, S3 or a Lumia? Each of those phones run their own operating system, namely, iOS, Android and Windows 8. Breaking it down really simply, iOS doesn’t change all that much between iterations. Major updates come once a year. It’s ridiculously simple and intuitive that my […]

iPhone 5 is 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3 is 4G, Optus and Telstra have 4G networks but what is 4G? This is going to be slightly confusing but none of those phones or networks are truly 4G. If you read the fine print they are all 4G LTE compatible phones or 4G LTE networks. What does […]

I can’t wait for the NBN! We’re going to have super fast internet all across Australia! How fast I hear you ask? Try 100mbps down… wait. Fuck. That’s the speed I’ve been getting over my Optus cable connection for the last year or so… The National Broadband Network is a good idea. I realise that […]